Cat and Dog X-ray And Diagnostics in Norridge, IL: Seeing the Bigger Picture

Physical exams are a valuable way to check your pet for health problems, but their effectiveness is limited to what we can see with the naked eye. If we see your pet because they're behaving strangely but we find that they're exhibiting no outward signs, we'll need to shift over to cat and dog x-ray and diagnostics in Norridge, IL. Companion Animal Hospital of Norridge offers the most up-to-date imaging technology and laboratory tools to properly assess our patients' conditions.

Additionally, our equipment enables us to detect a variety of changes that we would never be able to see with a standard exam. This ability puts us in a position to identify and diagnose potentially life-threatening issues before they can get more serious.

Under the Microscope

We maintain and operate a complete in-house laboratory to perform and evaluate various pet diagnostics in areas including:

  • Blood work (hematology)
  • Parasite screening (parasitology)
  • Checking electrolytes
  • Serum testing (serology)

Blood and serum testing allows our team to assess internal values such as complete blood cell count, white blood cell count, electrolytes, protein levels and glucose. We can also detect heartworm disease by testing the blood and recommend annual heartworm tests for dogs.

Dog X-ray And Diagnostics in Norridge, IL

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Cat X-ray And Diagnostics in Norridge, IL

Cat and Dog X-Ray & Digital Radiography

Our hospital often uses cat and dog digital radiography (X-ray) to examine the internal structures of the body; particularly the bones and chest cavity. We also offer digital dental radiography to better detect and treat dental disease and other oral health issues in our patients. Digital X-ray has many advantages over traditional film X-ray, including efficiency and overall image quality. With this tool we can more clearly spot broken bones, inflamed joints, bone deformities, heart abnormalities and intestinal blockages.

Full-mouth cat and dog X-rays play an important role in the dental care we provide. A majority of a pet's oral problems occur below the gum line, making X-ray a necessary part of the complete oral exam. This technology is also critical following tooth extractions and can show us if any roots have been left behind.

Why Cat and Dog Diagnostics Are Needed

Pet diagnostics benefits help us effectively diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses, or even prevent them all together! Furthermore, whether your pet is healthy or feeling under the weather, blood testing and radiography can give us a wealth of information about your pet's current condition. If your pet is due for testing or needs an exam, let us know at (708) 457-0066!