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Pet Spay and Neuter Services Benefit the Animal Population

Being a responsible pet parent means taking proactive measures to manage your pet’s health. Our veterinarians, technicians and client care staff in Norridge are more than happy to help you along the way! You’re probably very familiar with the words “spay and neuter your pets,” and for good reason. While veterinary medicine is the best it has ever been for our four-legged friends, animal overpopulation is still a major concern. Cats and dogs left to their own devices will do what is most natural to them—reproduce. However, this results in countless strays, overcrowded shelters, and millions of animals being euthanized every year.

By spaying and neutering our animals, we’re helping to reduce overpopulation, which in turn reduces crowding in shelters and helps more cats and dogs find the homes they deserve.

Happy dog getting pets: spay and neuter in Norridge

What Exactly Are These Benefits?

Dogs and cats can both experience health and behavior benefits from being spayed/neutered:


  • Aggression is reduced or eliminated
  • Less likely to roam off the property to breed
  • Are less likely to develop cancer (testicular, prostate)
  • Inappropriate marking and mounting behaviors are reduced or eliminated


  • No going into heat or surprise pregnancies
  • Less likely to roam off property to breed
  • Will not develop an infected uterus (pyometra)
  • Are less likely to develop mammary cancer
Cat laying down: spay and neuter in Norridge

When is the Best Time to Spay/Neuter?

6 months is the ideal age for spaying and neutering cats and dogs. However, you have the final say regarding your pet's needs. Additionally, if your pet has any health problems that might interfere with their surgery, we'll likely want to postpone the procedure until they're healthy again. Our goal is to reduce or entirely eliminate the health risks your pet may experience if they are not spayed or neutered.

Let's Talk

Have questions about pet spay and neuter that haven't been answered? Call us at (708) 457-0066! One of our team members will be happy to provide you with more information, or help you schedule an appointment so you can speak with your veterinarian. Whatever you need, we're here to help you!

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