How to Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from Companion Animal Hospital!  With the holidays fast approaching, we know what a busy time of year this can be.  By taking a few precautions, you can make sure that everyone in your family (including your furry friends) enjoys the holidays! Below are some ideas to help avoid timely and expensive emergency visits…

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Why is it so hard to get an appointment with your vet right now?

Why is it so hard to get an appointment with your vet right now? A client’s cat became sick one recent Sunday. She called five local veterinary emergency clinics but none were able to see her. COVID has taxed the veterinary industry in a way we haven’t seen before. In a short amount of time,…

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Detect & Prevent Heat Stroke in your Pet

The summer heat is officially here! While that means lots of fun activities outdoors, be sure to be extra careful when including your canine companions. Dogs can quickly suffer from “heat stroke” or extremely high body temperatures. A dog’s normal temperature is between 99-103 degrees; heat stroke occurs when body temperatures are at or above…

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How to Prepare Your Pet for Fireworks: Tips to help calm their anxiety

How to prepare your pet for fireworks In the midwest, summer is full of celebrations involving fireworks. We LOVE our fireworks! Unfortunately, most of our pets do not.  Some aren’t upset by the explosions, while others are so scared they may injure themselves.  We have seen pets that have jumped through plate glass windows from…

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Two cats and a dog in the US have tested positive for COVID 19- what does this mean??

Two cats and a dog in the US have tested positive for COVID 19- what does this mean?? Last week, we learned that two cats in different areas of New York tested positive for COVID 19 – then this week we learned that a pug in North Carolina tested positive as well. Many people are…

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FAQs About Pets and COVID-19

With new information still continuously coming out, our team of highly educated & trained veterinarians are here to keep you informed and help answer your questions regarding your furry companions and COVID-19.    Can my cat or dog infect me with COVID-19? o      As of now, there is no proof that pets (including cats and dogs)…

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Fact or Fiction

FACT OR FICTION  A Dry Nose Means That My Dog/Cat is Sick. False! It is normal for dogs and cats to have a dry nose. In fact, their nose can vary from wet to dry depending on their activity level and environmental surroundings. Some breeds may have a drier nose than others but it does…

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New Carside/Curbside Veterinary Service

In Response to COVID-19: Companion Animal Hospitals offer new carside/curbside veterinary service We know that pets need love and care no matter what is going on in the world – we also know that their human’s health plays a vital role in their overall well-being. In an effort to help keep our human clients healthy,…

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A message from Companion about COVID-19

At Companion Animal Hospital, the health and wellness of our clients and our team has always been our #1 priority. With the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the rise, we will be taking additional steps to achieve our promise of providing a clean, safe, and welcoming environment, while helping prevent the spreading of…

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Dental Care: The Root of Your Pet’s Health

Dental Care: The Root of Your Pet’s Health             Who doesn’t love getting kisses from their better half?  No I don’t mean your partner, your dog of course!  It is all fun games until your dog has a mouth that could clear out a room while you are watching the Packers-Bears game with friends.  But…

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