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How can we communicate to pets that they have nothing to fear when paying their yearly visit? Animal hospitals can cause a lot of stress for our four-legged friends, but we can help to reduce this stress using special calming strategies. This is where our Fear Free Certified team members come in: through careful training and testing, they have earned the distinction of being Fear Free Certified Professionals.

With this initiative, our team can make visits to the vet much easier for pets that are prone to anxiety. The less stress your pet experiences at the vet, the more receptive they’ll be to important health treatments.


There are many different ways we can help dogs and cats feel secure and comfortable at our hospital:

  • Having separate dog and cat exam rooms with a plug-in pheromone diffuser in each room
  • Using gentle handling and restraint techniques
  • Prescribing medications and/or pheromones to induce greater calm in your pet
  • Offering recommendations for transport—whether you have a dog or a cat, we can help you find a solution for traveling more peacefully with your companion
  • Leading pets and their owners into exam rooms quickly so they won’t need to wait very long in the lobby
  • Examining pets where they’re most at-ease; that includes on the floor, on their owner’s lap, or in their carrier with the lid removed
  • Using calming music and taking care not to make loud, startling noises around the patient
  • Vaccinating dogs with the oral Bordetella vaccine instead of the intranasal, which can be uncomfortable

Go to fearfreepets.com for more information about Fear Free care any how it helps more animals stay healthy. You can also reach out to us at (708) 457-0066 if you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment. We look forward to treating your pet to a Fear Free experience!

Fear Free Dog

Fear Free Dog

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