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Get To Know Our Amazing Team

We could not ask for a better team of doctors, veterinary assistants and client care specialists to serve Oak Park and its surrounding areas. With their diverse backgrounds, all of our staff members nonetheless came together due to their mutual love of animals and a desire to do good for the community. Take a look at their bios below to become better acquainted with them!


Dr. Katherine Wawronowicz: veterinarians in Norridge

Dr. Katherine Wawronowicz-Anderson

Dr. Tomasz Krystek: veterinarians in Norridge

Dr. Tomasz Krystek

Dr. Pawel Tymoszuk: veterinarians in Norridge

Dr. Pawel Tymoszuk

Dr. Megan Murray: veterinarians in Norridge

Dr. Megan Murray

Dr. Scott website

Dr. Alexandra Scott

Dr. Douglas Hammer: veterinarians in Norridge

Dr. Douglas Hammer

Support Staff

Amanda: Veterinarians in Norridge

Amanda, Hospital Manager

Alex: Veterinarians in Norridge

Alex, Lead Technician

Heidi: Veterinarians in Norridge

Heidi, Certified Veterinary Technician

Gosia: Veterinarians in Norridge

Gosia, Certified Veterinary Technician

Kayla: Veterinarians in Norridge

Kayla, Veterinary Technician

Sarah: veterinarians in Norridge

Sarah, Veterinary Technician

Katie: Veterinarians in Norridge

Katie, Veterinary Technician

Karen: Veterinarians in Norridge

Karen, Lead Receptionist

Chris: Veterinarians in Norridge

Chris, Receptionist

Stephanie: Veterinarians in Norridge

Stephanie, Receptionist

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